Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dedication related with Grace MedCare Ltd., London, United Kingdom

Dedication related with Grace MedCare Ltd., London, United Kingdom

The foundation of Grace MedCare Ltd., London, England, United Kingdom took not place on October 4, 2006 as an coincident or by a suprise.

The company was founded on October 4 on purpose in LOVING memory of my grand-parents, family members and friends, such as my grandmother Mrs. Hildegard Klamm (Germany), which is born on October 4, my grandmother Mrs. Martha Kolacz (Melbourne, Altona-North, STATE OF VICTORIA, Australia), my grandfather, Mr. Emil Klamm (Germany) and my grandfather Mr. Haedi Sabaot (a French citizen from North of Africa, where his family came from and former FRENCH ARMY OFFICER, stationed in 1945 in Kaiserslautern, Germany),, my "steph"-grandfather Mr. Joseph Kolacz (a former Security Police Officer, U.S. Armed Forces Europe, 1945, Melbourne, Altona-North, STATE of VICTORIA, Australia) my father, Mr. Manfred Klamm (Germany), which used to be a fire fighter and my former friend and colleague the registered nurse (R.N.) Mrs. Irene Bazlen (Germany), my friend Martina as known as Tina (Germany) and to Jennifer Cranen, author of the book and best-seller "Ich will nicht, dass ihr weint", BOD-Verlag, Norderstedt, Germany). More then 20.000 copies of the book have been sold. With the income generated by selling her book CHILDREN IN THE FIGHT AGAINST CANCER are supported in the German city of Aachen. Jennis Kinder-Krebs-Hilfe e. V. (Jennis Children Aid Charity for Children with cancer) is supporting many children in the fight AGAINST cancer.

All of these precious people have passed away already many years ago, because of serious diseases or accidents. One person is missing since 1945, after World War II: It is my grandfather Mr. Haedi Sabaot, the fromer FRENCH ARMY OFFICER.

The company Grace MedCare Ltd., London, England, United Kingdom is dedicated to the precious works and life of all the people mentioned in this dedication and to those which labor hard with responsibility to make the communities in social community projects and with social responsibility and professional care a better and good place for ALL people, espcecially for those which are in need of good care.

Grace MedCare Ltd., London, United Kingdom
October 2006

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