Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Service of Grace MedCare Ltd.

Service of Grace MedCare Ltd.

The company Grace MedCare Ltd. London, United Kingdom offers Media and Health Care Service, international, such as


* Radio Productions
* Television Productions
* Media Productions
* Publishing Of Books
* Publishing Of Other Media
* Photos
* TEXT services in English, French and German



* Nursing
* Home Care Nursing
* Intensive Therapy Nursing
* Travel nurse services

The cost per hour is up is from 12 Euro to 24 Euro (10 GBP to 18 GBP) plus tax. Grace MedCare Ltd. is trying to offer all services as inexpensive as possible.

Grace MedCare Ltd. give people with disablities a chance to employ people with disabilities. At this time one person with disabilites is employed. Because of missing customers and the international financial economic crisis at this time no other jobs are available.

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