Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lost Documents And Economic Crisis

Lost Documents And Economic Crisis

By Andreas Klamm

London, February 24, 2009. As I have learned today some important documents have got lost again for unknown reason. There have been send already three letter with important documents (one in October 2008) last year and two others in January 2009.

To avoid further delays or other missing documents one of these letters has been mailed by regular international postal services as registered mail.

At this time there is no idea what could have happened, the missing documents such as the DCA form will be send by regular mail as registered mail again to London.

Grace MedCare Ltd. is a small company which offers international Media and Health Care service. Because of the economic financial worse and international crisis it is even in the health care sector and media sector very hard to find new customers which are able to afford the media and health care service such as publishing and nursing.

The purpose of international traveling is also to introduce the books, publishing services and health care service which Grace MedCare Ltd. offers for affordable and very inexpensive prices.

As there are no jobs available (especially in Germany) on the job market for people with disabilities, the small company Grace Med Care Ltd., London, United Kingdom offers an important service to employ people with disabilities.

In Germany I have applied for more than 1.000 position in many different areas. For people with disabilities no jobs are available on the German job market.

Therefore even people with disabilities have to try to find other ways and have to offer their services on the international market.

The confirmation of a registered international mail to London in Germany. Photo: Grace MedCare Ltd.

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